Eight steps to thriving on information overload



August 27, 2007

Eight steps to thriving on information overload

Many of my keynote speeches focus on the future of business and where technology is going. One of the most common responses, and one I’ve heard many times after my speeches over the last few weeks, is to be staggered by the implications of where this is all going, followed by the question, “So how do I keep on top of everything that’s happening?” In a world in which the pace of developments and amount of information available in any given domain is soaring out of sight, it’s a very valid question.

I intend to spend more of my time answering this question in a practical fashion, as this has become an absolutely vital issue in a world of information run amok. For now, I thought I’d post an article I originally published 10 years ago in the October 1997 issue of Company Director magazine. Everything I wrote is still completely valid. However now we have access to many technological tools, which if used well, can assist us in coping with information overload. More on that later, along with some of the tools and approaches I find effective.  (Ross Dawson)

  • 1. Set information objectives.
  • 2. Select your information sources.
  • 3. Set time aside for reading.
  • 4. Filter aggressively. 
  • 5. Be open to useful information.
  • 6. People are your best resource. !
  • 7. Develop your reading and note-taking skills.
  • 8. Sleep on it!


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