BC Book Prizes Tour Kelowna


Event Date(s) Wed. April 23, 2008

Location Kelowna Secondary School Library

Event Description


BC Book Prizes On Tour
presented by Rio Tinto Alcan 

Four shortlisted authors and one shortlisted illustrator will hit the road On Tour, with FREE public readings at
bookstores and libraries in Southern BC, including the Okanagan. They are:

  • Ruth Campbell and Ron Smith Elf the Eagle (Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize) 
  • Don Gayton Interwoven Wild: An Ecologist Loose in the Garden
    (Hubert Evans Non-fiction Prize)
  • Claire Mulligan The Reckoning of Boston Jim (Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize) 
  • Arleen Paré Paper Trail (Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize) 


Meet the authors and get personally signed books for yourself, friends or family at the public events listed below. While On Tour, our authors will also visit select local schools, leaving behind signed copies of their books for the school libraries.

Kelowna Secondary School Library visit:  

This event was a wonderful way to personalize literature for students and advocate for the goals of a strong school library.  Community members, public librarians, booksellers and educators contacted the library,(some for the very first time) because of this event. We madeup a book display shared posters and forwarded announcements around the community. It gave us, the school’s teacher-librarians, a chance to discuss with BC authors about the book business, literacy and education.

Claire Mulligan, a Westbank grad, read from her novel, The Reckoning of Boston Jim.  She added anecdotes of her writing inspiration from travels around the globe.  Don Gayton discussed his non-fiction writing in a personal way while sharing environmental photos from his BC travels and research and reading passages from his Interwoven Wild: An Ecologist Loose in the Garden. Arleen Paré, Paper Trail , discussed her poetry from the perspective of entering authorship late in her life. While reviewing her writing process and thoughts of Kafka, Arleen shared the literary devices she uses. 

Thanks to the authors, sponsors and teachers who brought their students to share presentations.  2 english classes and 1 Creative Writing class attended. Students presented cards and gifts of thanks to each author.


Kay Treadgold introduces authors to 79 seniors.

Photos: ( wmv) Persistant Link




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