Learning teachnology is not always learning.

Learning teachnology is not always learning.

Sometimes learning with technology can be a wonderful experience. Our perspective in the KSS Library is that supporting learning in 2008 requires information technology skills but not at the peril of quality print content or reading development. We didn’t throw out all our books when the VCR arrived- we integrated. So today, we should not worship the web2.0 tools, nor abandon them. We should integrate what works for our program.

We also sometimes forget that not all education is directly associated with a curriculum or a medium. Sometimes the process of learning renders rewards that deepen the experience of learning. Critical thinking, socialization, problem-solving and many more.

A quality library program can help a school develop research skills and critical thinking. Technology can open doors for research. Technology can provide a richness of content but on other occasions, technology gets in the way. The virtue of YouTube or Facebook is not the technology but the environment that uses them. Just as artists do not fight endlessly over the choice of watercolors or oil, they focus on painting a story. Qualified teacher-librarians can help a school develop a sense of scholarship and provide an environment that integrates new technologies with educational objectives. In my view, an exemplary library program places the emphasis on the total educational experience- not just the tools or resources.

In 2008 school librarians are to be many things. technologists not technicians. The virtue of learning technology is not the widgets but the story!

-Al Smith

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