Canadian Geographic Photo Club- October bio

Patrice_halley After studying commercial photography in Paris, Patrice Halley marched into a local newsroom not knowing much about the industry and landed the guidance of an established photographer. Twenty-seven years later, Halley is an award winning photographer, living in Cranbrook, B.C., and one of the top photojournalists in Canada.

Drawing his inspiration from books like Alaska by James A. Michener and Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, Patrice Halley has an adventurous spirit and goes to great lengths to seek the story behind the image. He is intensely interested in learning about people’s lives, their passions and what connects us all.

CG:  You’re known for doing some pretty exciting things on assignments, for example dangling out of an airplane to shoot British Columbia’s Flathead Valley in the June 2008 Canadian Geographic issue. When on an assignment, do you prefer getting out of the immediate area to experience more? 

A : "…Oh yeah, I always try to get out. Grise Fiord was bad timing because when I showed up, everyone was gone hunting. I walked through the village and recorded some street scenes on the video camera and it was just like a ghost town. Dogs barking and snowmobile wrecks and that was it. Of course, when the hunters came back they were not too eager to leave right away again to take me out…"

Read more on Grise Fiord, photographed by Halley in the Oct 2008 Canadian Geographic issue.
View : his gallery
Visit Patrice Halley's website for more

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