David Bouchard, author visits Kelowna, SD23

SD23 Education Week 2009- 
Central Okanagan Teacher librarians present-

David Bouchard

David Bouchard is an engaging speaker with a passion for reading.
As a writer, educator and presenter, Mr. Bouchard has touched the lives
of children, teens and adults but mostly he exemplifies the literacy
and cultural richness of our country! He often starts sessions with an
honour song dedicated to his aboriginal grandmother. 

Mr. Bouchard, ” whose passions are children, reading, and writing, art
and music and dance, aboriginal people and culture…”, has published
more than 35 titles…including: I am Raven, An Aboriginal Carol, If
You Are Not From the Prairie, C’est du Hockey, Notes to My Daughter
and The Gift of Reading.

Mr. Bouchard has received the Governor General
Literacy Award and recently been awarded the Order of Canada, C.M.

Partcipating and Presentation Times and Locations” 3000+ studetns and
staff from 30 schools (24 elementary, 3 middle, 3 secondary) will be
participating by attending a Bouchard presentation.

Presentation: What to expect?”Mr. Bouchard is an engaging speaker with
a passion for reading. His sessions often start with an honour song
dedicated to his aboriginal grandmother. Presentations typically last
an hour and are followed by a half hour of questions, answers and
autographing of books.

Prepare your
students to be engaged”.  In order for students to get the most our of
Bouchard’s presentation it is important that they know a little about
the presenter, be familiar with 2-3 of this books, and perhaps have
visited his informative website. The more students know about Bouchard,
his books and his reading message, the greater his impact will be
during the presentation.

with David Bouchard in which he discusses his aboriginal background and
the influence it has had on his life:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdPtMZbgEBY



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