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By Nate Stearns
Staff Writer

teach, among other things, 10th grade English and part of our
curriculum is a career unit – a 3-4 week exploration of the work world
and the skills needed to be successful there. Practically, this means
that students pretend to interview each other (Why should I hire you?),
job shadow their moms at the Century 21 office, try to imagine what
life would be like as an adult, and whether they should run screaming
to the hills and live off moss and grubs in the Olympic National Forest…..

…..Daniel Pink’s THE ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY BUNKO is a radical and fascinating attempt at career advice. Eschewing WHO MOVED MY CHEESE
pablum, Pink couches his guide in a manga comic book that tells the
story of Johnny Bunko: a blander than bland salaryman stuck in a
dead-end job at Boggs Corporation. Through a series of implausible (but
very manga-rific) events, Bunko comes into possession of magic
chopsticks that summon a magic sprite who leads him through the six
most important career laws. These laws range from 1) There is no plan
to 6) Leave an Imprint and Diana, the manga sprite, illustrates each
one by whisking Bunko and his friends away to various places so he can
experience her wisdom firsthand……

One thought on “Graphic Classroom- comics and more

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