Giller 2009 Shortlist-power reads

Scotia Giller Prize 2009 continues the Canadian tradition of awarding prestige and exposure to some of our best writers and their literary achievements. Read any of the titles or authors work? Post your feedback below. 

The 2009 Scotiabank Giller Prize finalists are:

• Kim Echlin for her novel THE DISAPPEARED, published by Hamish Hamilton Canada
• Annabel Lyon for her novel THE GOLDEN MEAN, published by Random House Canada
• Linden MacIntyre for his novel THE BISHOP’S MAN, published by Random House Canada
• Colin McAdam for his novel FALL, published by Hamish Hamilton Canada
• Anne Michaels for her novel THE WINTER VAULT, published by McClelland & Stewart

Like every year, the shortlist for the 2009 Scotiabank Giller Prize – unveiled in Toronto on Tuesday – contained a few surprises. Perhaps the biggest shock was the omission of Margaret Atwoods widely praised The Year of the Flood,
which seemed a likely contender for the $50,000 prize. With Atwood
absent from the shortlist and Alice Munro having already removed
herself from consideration, the field is now open to works by
several writers in mid-career, including Colin McAdams Fall, Kim Echlins The Disappeared, and Annabel Lyons The Golden Mean (Random House Canada). Also nominated are Linden MacIntyre’s The Bishop’s Man (Random House) and The Winter VaultAnne Michaels’ long-awaited follow-up to Fugitive Pieces.( QuillQuire)

Other 2008 Titles

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