Library News: October 9

New Library Resources, Projects and Events: Oct.9

KSS Library opens new laptop centre.

serve students and classes better, the KSS Library now has 2 mobile
computing centres for classes needing computers for their research
projects. The teacher-librarians, Smith and Bede, provide collaboration
and direct instruction on a range of lessons and skills.  Students with
Resource Periods now also have greater access and computer support in
the Library.

Grade 10 Orientations concluding

All Grade 10 students participate in an orientation of Library
facility and services through English and Social Studies
classes.Students learn about new reading materials, online research
quest and many other skills and activities to assist in their academic

15th Annual Student Leadership Conference

Find Your Inner Hero – Be A Super Leader

Oct 22nd to 25th, 2009

Kelowna Secondary School, Kelowna, BC

"Heroes are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

focus of this conference is about brining more of ourselves out for the
world to enjoy and experience. Deep within each of us, lies our inner
hero just waiting to be unleashed…..

WHO … Students and Advisors from ACROSS BC (BCASAA member schools only)
… B.C.S.L.C. 2009, hosted by School District #23 (Central Okanagan)
in partnership with BC Association of Student Activity Advisors (BCASAA)

WHEN … October 22-25, 2009

Your Teacher-librarians  attending a BC Library Conference in Richmond

Mr. Smith, one of the KSS Library faculty is attending sessions with
teacher-librarians from all over BC. He will be on a panel to discuss
the role of school libraries in the 21stC.  Mrs. Bede is atttending
workshops on teen literacy at UVIC.  Mrs.Bede and Mr. Smith are
chairing the 2010 BC Teacher-librarians Conference at Kelowna Secondary
October 2010.

Book Clubs,  Lit Circles and finding that perfect new book to read.

Create a new book club or join in a reading group. Book club
members receive special library privileges and get priority on all new
releases. Some English classes are also engaged in 'Lit Circles' units
that are similar to recreational book clubs. Join in the discussion and
power-up your brain by reading.


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