Library hosts Christmas Reading Luncheon

The Library hosted our fourth annual Staff Christmas Reading Reception in the
library today.  Many kids gave Mr. Smith a ribbing because of the food free zone policy. 🙂 KSS Library food rules apply- "if we give you the food, you can eat because we will be cleaning up"

Readingreception_xmas We invite teachers, admin, and support staff to celebrate Christmas with a light
luncheon around book browsing and borrowing.  We setup  tables with new
arrivals and staff picks.  People eat and browse and best of all talk
about books with each Christmas-Reading-Reception1 other.  We now have so many keen adult readers as
sources for recommendations.  Some of the readers never come to the
library with classes but are big library supporters. We now have colleagues offer baking and snacks. It is so great to have 65 adults go home with bags of books to read and share. The best part is that kids see their adult role models reading and talking about reading.

StarbucksmugsCLIP We also get some kid(s) to
play live instrumental music.  We also offer door prizes for gift
cards, and other goodies I comp from vendors and others. One fun thing is I
make Starbucks custom mugs and issue as prizes. Buy the custom mugs at Starbucks( or ask for donation)scan the insert and paste your image into area-print your own inserts. It is inexpensive fun to see the KSS Library mugs at staff meetings, etc.

Our next project is a Spring Break Luncheon for students. It can be logistically more difficult but our plans are to offer activities and reading clubs. The students who participate get formal invitations to our luncheon festivities. 

For stressed out teacher-librarians, having fun in the library is good therapy.

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