Stephen Colbert finally apologizes for his parody

Stephen Colbert visits Vancouver

Stephen Colbert is finally going to meet some of the "ice-holes" he's been mocking all this time.

Colbertposter After months of lampooning Canadians and Olympic ideals, the
American satirist is in Vancouver, facing his chance to don the pink
hat of the Olympic Oval ombudsman.

Colbert is taping two episodes of his show, The Colbert Report,
at a downtown Vancouver park next to the Science Centre Wednesday and
Thursday mornings. His website invites fans to "help spread the word
about his historic visit to Canada."

Colbert has poked fun at the Olympics and Canada on his show for the
last several months, calling Canadians "syrup-suckers," "ice-holes" and

Appointed oval ombudsman

City of Richmond, the home of the Olympic speedskating venue, offered
Colbert the job of official oval ombudsman, which he accepted during
his show.

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