Love, Hate and Propaganda – Documentaries | CBC

Love, Hate and Propaganda – Documentaries | CBC

Men of valor CBC and Radio Canada present a 6 part documentary series about the role
propaganda played during World War Two. With newsreels, posters,
speeches, rallies, songs and radio, entire populations were convinced
to go to war. Hosted by The Hour's George Stroumboulopoulos, Love, Hate and Propaganda is a primer on the art of mass persuasion, aimed directly at a media-savvy generation…..

Why a series on WWII? Because it has shaped the lives of millions of
Canadians born in the last half century who know little about what
happened, or how its legacy still affects them. This series will bring
the dramatic events of the war years alive, and convey their importance
in a powerful, human, and accessible way to transfer the memory to a
new generation. Even seventy years later, the brutal statistics of WWII
have the capacity to shock: more than 60 million dead, six million Jews
– and countless others – victims of genocide. Cities incinerated, the
world map ruthlessly rewritten – an extraordinary level of violence
that is still unmatched….. More(CBC)

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