Plagiarism for Beginners

Plagiarism for Beginners

Students, after reading this you can't blame Google for lulling
you into copying other people's words.

By Crawford Kilian, 9 Aug 2010,

Welcome, class of 2014. You're about to enter post-secondary
armed with your smartphone and laptop, and every campus is now wireless. This is
a good time to think about the hazards of plagiarism.

The word comes from plagiarius, Latin for kidnapper, and plagiarism
is a kind of intellectual kidnapping — stealing ideas instead of people. Every
college and university website has a page about plagiarism policy.

Every prof <teacher>, on the first day of classes, will lay out that policy. This
speech will terrify you without making any sense at all. After the third or
fourth prof has given it, you will glaze over and start texting your buds:
plagerism wtf? READ MORE…

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