Deborah Ellis- lives of Afghanistan children in Kelowna

Breadwinner- the cornerstone novel of an award winning trilogy.

“..A book about wartime Kabul that is told by a young girl. She faces many hardships while searching for her mother, gathering up children during her journey. It is a sad story of children who don’t know why their homeland is being bombed constantly and who is trying to kill them. I think this story would be best read by youth who are up on current events enough to understand a bit about war, or from a country that has experienced war.

“…This sequel to Ellis’s The Breadwinner, is another well-written and engaging story that introduces younger children to the horrors of war. The plight of the children in the story may be difficult for children in modern countries to fully understand or relate to, but combined with some discussion about current events, most junior high students will be able to comprehend that the events are not entirely fictional. In addition, some of the characterizations, particularly Asif with his seemingly off-putting personality, may be too subtle for all readers to fully comprehend.

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