RE: Who could blame her?

My buddy Jeff just posted a piece on a girl who panicked from standardized testing. It is a sad day to watch Obama fall into the same foolish political channel.  I don’t know which PR campaign sickens me more, “Leave No Child Left Behind, or Race to the Top” when will our friends realise that slogans just don’t cut it. Education takes patient and long term commitments from everyone not just an election cycle.

“…Isabella Oleschuck, a Grade 7 students at Amity Middle School, ran away from home last Sunday because, she told her parents, she was stressed out about taking the Connecticut Mastery Tests.

Washington Post blogger, Valerie Strauss, argues that the problem stems from the new federal government’s approach to throw money at schools and school boards whose students perform well in standardized testing situations. It’s all part of the Obama administration’s Race to the Top program….”


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