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SCIAM MIND March 2012 Edition

 MIND Feb  2012.

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The discovery of multitasking masterminds is revealing how the brain works when it strives to do several things at once

Signs of incipient psychosis show up early in life. Reading them is key to rescuing kids from the abyss of a serious mental illness

Meet your goals with research-proven tips and techniques

Unusual cases reveal that the famous “five senses” are not as distinct as once thought

Good social skills depend on picking up on other people’s moods—a feat the brain performs by combining numerous sensory clues

Scientific American Magazine

March APRIL  2012.

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Internet Freedom Fighters Build a Shadow Web

Governments and corporations have more control over the Internet than ever. Now digital activists want to build an alternative network that can never be blocked, filtered or shut down

Blocking HIV’s Attack

Scientists have rid one man of HIV by preventing the virus from entering certain immune cells. But the treatment was dangerous and likely unrepeatable. Can they figure out a safer, more broadly achievable way to help millions more?

Search for Faster, Better Antidepressants Makes Progress

Existing antidepressants leave a lot to be desired. They can take weeks to start working, and they fail many people. Researchers are scouting for better options


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