The Third Wave – school experiment

The 1967 Ron Jones Story -the third wave.

Schoolteacher Ron Jones’s personal account of his experiment which created a proto-fascist movement amongst his high school pupils in Palo Alto, California, which in 2008 was subject of the award-winning film The Wave.  The Third Wave was the classroom experiment by history teacher Ron Jones, which gave the students a taste of fascism (in 1967 at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California) “The Wave” stories (film and book) and “Die Welle” movie are based on this true story.

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The Wave is a true story.  History teacher Ron Jones started “the Wave” (actually called the “Third Wave”) in one of his lessons, and it turned into one of the most frightening things he ever saw in a school.

Todd Strasser turned it into a full-length novel after Ron Jones wrote a short story about it.  It has most recently been made into an award winning movie called Lesson Plan.  There were two other movies (1981 and 2008) as well as a documentary in 2010 and onstage performances.

Lesson Plan (Recent Movie Links)

Movie links

Academic analysis

Cults:  Why people follow them or research a type of cult.

Evil Leaders and the reasons why people followed them (Hitler, Mussolini, Pol pot, etc.)

Leadership:  What makes a good leader?

Hitler Youth


Genocides (Cambodia, Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Somalia))


View the “Aspect Ratio” (#4) TV Show Interview

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