A real gem found- Canada Reads



So it’s CanadaReads 2013.

“Canada Reads is back for its twelfth season. And this time around, we’re doing things differently. Canada Reads 2013 is going back to fiction, but that’s not all. This year’s battle of the books will be divided along geographical lines. After all, we’re one great nation but we also have our local pride.”(CBC)

CaptureCdnReads12So we decided to tap into that loyalty to regional roots in order to build this year’s Canada Reads book list.As an avid reader and CBC fan this is an inaugural event that I look forward to but mostly it’s a cultural event that makes Canada an envious place to live.  Having a vital social discourse, on radio, television, blogsphere and social media, about books and their stories is a remarkable and valuable cultural event.  Having just the event WITH many people actually participating is quite a statement.  The enduring narrative not just gets people reading Canadian authors but hearing and talking about the books stories.  Literary messages enter the national airwaves as thermometer drops but the conversation lasts for months.

What makes me even more proud about this event is neither the medium or the literary value but the very nature of the events creation- it builds an intelligent lengthy national public conversation.  The news is so often a blizzard of sadness or a flurry of just noise. When Jian Ghomeshi so skillfully hosts the panelists in the defense of their book selections, it is overwhelming and obvious what an educated and civil society we can be every now and again.

When CBC announced Canada Reads: Turf Wars, Canadians across the country answered our call with recommendations that would best represent the literature from their region. Thousands of nominations poured in.  Those suggestions were narrowed, first to a Top 10 for each region, then a Top 5. Then, the panelists made their picks and now we will hear their defense and Canadians will be reading and listening all about it. Whether we get involved as a casual listener or a manic reader,  the winter in Canada is brighter with Canada Reads.  We have the public support and their taxes invested in the CBC to thank for that.  Without the crown corporation status, wonderful projects like this would not exist- period!

hughmaclAs a wonderful side note, the CBC’s Canada Reads isn’t the only gem found lately.  As fellow teacher-librarian, Sharon Bede and I were reviewing the list and deciding about our titles and activities for Canada Reads we FOUND Hugh MacLennon’s 1st Edition hardcover in the stacks.  We lovingly maintain an archive collection with the help of our assistant, Mr Kole. We collect old relics of books and media get catalogued, shelves and displayed. eg.  We have a bound collection of NatGeo mags since 1953.  Yearbooks back since 1930.  etc…  The book itself was donated by Jon Day, Benvoulin to Kelowna High School Library 1962 a 2nd copy. 1st Edition hard cover with original dust jacket.

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