Lemon’s slam poets – sweet not sour

I recently had the chance  to observe my colleague Ms. Lemon actively guiding her seniors through the completion of a slam poetry unit. I’m posting sample below for your pleasure. Watch for more soon. Thanks Shanti and Brienne .



Brienne- slam poetry

Brienne- slam poetry


Learning how to ask by learning where to look. Between creases of the puzzle pieces that are what we think we are and who we can’t help being while believing what we want to be true but only you can answer life’s unanswered question.

Slipping, gripping, tripping on our own lies blinded by our own eyes and yet the world still tries to answer life’s unanswered question.

Emotions churning, yearning, burning ocean of possibility perpetually in purgatory pretending to be perfect and yet the perfect person cannot answer life’s unanswered question.

Molding our faces to fit into the spaces between society’s parentheses but is that really where we should want our faces to be? Caught between two unforgiving lines like a bird denied flight denied light denied everything right?

We trust lust, but let’s break away from the restraints and leave behind burdened hearts to float away. Let’s stroke the velvet of the sky and carve our dreams into the surface of the stars forgetting the scars of regretting and letting that unanswerable question fade into the depths of our inner oceans, for why carry it on our shoulders?

Whether we’re hideous or witty or effortlessly pretty we all have the same final destination. But what gets me is that sensation of being stuck in a box, being crushed by society’s desires and wants, pushed to its bottom by the weight of a generation terrified of imperfections, and yet the perfect person cannot answer life’s unanswered question.

The question’s been asked a thousand times in different ways at different times and whether it is truth or lies the answer never answers why

By Brienne



Shanti - slam poetry

Shanti – slam poetry



A word that we hear all the time

But we brush it off as if it were easy to define


The last thing you do before your life is taken away

Now you put it into perspective

And it becomes a word too heavy to weigh


The cold tingly sensation

The numb frozen emotion

A tender heart gone bitter

By all this man made commotion

This term
This word, these letters on a page

This print, this font

What a big difference it’s made


How can a five letter word leave you breathless?

How can a five letter word bring you to tears so fast there’s no time for second guesses

A meaning

A bigger picture so vast we can barely believe it

A sentimental value that so precious it can leave you empty

Leaving you broken, an empty cookie jar

Able to caress your darkest feelings, a bitter chocolate bar


Corrupted minds, egos, bodies and souls

Guiltless acts, evil dilemmas

Psychotic illusions and heartless molds

How can someone be left with no compassion

No dignity, no respect

No guilt, no regret

How can a person do that though?

Have we really stooped that low?

That the drop of blood of one brings us peace

That the drop of blood of another brings us pleasure.


Hope from the ones who seek for more

Faith from the ones who feel remorse

Light from the ones who give a damn

The need to overpower and be in command

To guide

To guide the lost souls back to what’s right

To fix the delusions created by man

Because death is a word we hear too often

A word we have forgotten to fear

A word beginning to soften

by Shanti


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