NEW ARRIVAL: Imagining Canada 971.002 IMA

Call #: 971.002 IMA
Title: Imagining Canada :

This is a super book..lots of photographs and divides our Canadian History into the following areas. It is from the perspective of our historians but through the photographs in the New York Times.

Sophisticated and well-curated, this photographic tour through Canada’s history documents the nation’s evolution over more than a century, as seen through the lens of photographers from The New York Times.

The book compiles more than 100 iconic, momentous and inspiring images of Canada and includes ten commentary pieces from a range of important thinkers, historians and writers, including National Chief Shawn Atleo, MP Justin Trudeau, historians Charlotte Gray, Peter C. Newman and Tim Cook, and sports columnist Stephen Brunt.

Through these pages and images, which represent a portal in time, a portrait of Canada emerges, not as seen by its own citizens, but as viewed through a distinctly American lens. The book includes photos arranged according to the following themes: The Battlefield: Canada at War Aboriginal People The Changing Face of Canadian Society–Our Immigration Story Landscape The Political Arena Industry The War Machine: How the Homefront Supplied the Wars Hockey Icons (Stars, Sports Heroes, Political Figures, Royalty)

Shawn Atleo wrote the section on First Nations. Very neat perspective–worth photocopying a relevant section to compliment the textbook.
Sharon Bede
Teacher librarian


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