NEW: Grammar for Grown-Ups 425 FRY The Painted Word 422.03 COU

Grammar for Grown-Ups 425 FRY
The Painted Word 422.03 COU

Agitated about apostrophes? Confused by conjunctions? In a dither over dangling participles? Tense about your tenses… Or stumped by the subjunctive? Relax. Help is at hand.

Grammar for Grown-ups guides you through the perils, pitfalls and problematic aspects of the English language, so you’ll never struggle to find the right word or write the most elegant sentence again.
Covers: rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling, use and misuse, common errors, not so common errors, and regional and international variations practical tips and advice for everyday usage and self-improvement Fun test-yourself sections throughout.
The painted word.

Phil Cousineau illuminates the history and mystery of weird and wonderful word stories. To untangle the knot of interlocking meanings of these painted words, each entry begins with a headword that is drawn out wordsmith author Phil Cousineau’s own brief definition rendered in italics, filled in with a tint of etymology and a brushstroke quotes showing how the word is used, and ending with some touch up by way of companion words that offer a few variations.

The words themselves range from the commonplace, such as biscuit, a twice-baked cake for Roman soldiers, to loanwords, like chaparral, from the Basque shepherds who came to the American West; words from the myths, such as hector; metamorphosis words, such as silly, which evolved “holy” to “goofy” in a mere thousand years; and words well worthy-of-revival, such as carrytale, a wandering storyteller. Whether old-fangled or new-fangled, they all possess that ineffable quality that Victoria Finlay refers to in her scintillating history of “Color” as the “numinous in the luminous”.

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