Mike McKay » Self-Regulation and Video Games: What do we know? What do we do??


> “…When parents in our Safe Schools information sessions see these video clips, they are horrified. Some are embarrassed as they recognize the game titles from their home collection. Others don’t believe that such material could be produced in a caring society. There are teachers and principals in the audience who suddenly have a context for bits of the informal classroom and school yard chatter. Overall, there emerges a huge level of concern which leads to the debate about whether seeing and engaging in screen violence results in an increased likelihood of engaging in acts of real violence. >
> That topic has been and will continue to be canvassed for years to come. Freedom of expression advocates, industry touts, concerned parents, teachers, medical, law enforcement and social service practitioners and many other have points of view. My question is different: >
> How do video games (violent or otherwise) impact a person’s capacity to self-regulate; that is, does intense screen time change the brain’s and the body’s capacity to achieve and maintain a calm, focused and alert state which allows for effective functioning across a wide range of circumstances? …”(McKay) >
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