Sweet sounds of brass at Jazz fest

Congratulations to Sheila French and Neil Wong and KSS OWLS MUSIC DEPART. and our outstanding Jazz students on their exceptional performances at the Jazz festival last week!

FIRST: Monday- chamber choirs went to the Kiwanis music festival.
Chamber 1st in their category and are being sent to the Provincials Chamber men- 1st in their category Chamber ladies-2 nd in their category Kelowna secondary also received an award for their choral program for having the highest marks:) I asked the adjudicator if he’d come and work with my choir and he said-” you don’t need me” and asked me” are your choirs always this good Sheila?” Don’t tell the staff I’m just telling you:)

JAZZ FESTIVAL: Sheila’s groups
Ladies chamber first place in the combination choir category.
Chamber choir won th runner plaque(2nd) in combination choir Men’s chamber received fourth.
All received gold and music festival Canada recommendations

Vocal jazz combo # 2- Boobi Jo , Rebecca R, Aidan, Harrison Vocal combo #1- Genevieve , Michelle S, Kria W, Rico O, Brendan – Rico’s single voice combo- Genevieve single voice combo Bobbi-jos single voice combo Aidan rices single voice combo-

All vocal combos received gold and music Fest Canada invites

Jazz band 10(French) gold! Music Fest invite Jazz band 11- FIRST:) in the intermediate jazz band combo. I was to.d they were amazing. Gold. Music Fest Canada invite Jazz band 12- second in senior jazz band category.- gold and music Fest invite__

Vocal jazz- second. Gold. Music Fest Canada.( were told they are the best vocal jazz high school group our adjudicator has ever heard. )

Wong’s jazz 11 combo first place- gold. Music Fest Canada invite

Awards as well:
Rico- top male vocalist- 35% tuition to Berkeley school of music summer school Kria wall(cross-enrolled MBSS student) top female vocalist Bobbi-Jo intermediate combo vocalist award
Rico- top senior combo vocalist award
Lucas- top intermediate brass award Eden de bruin- junior 3 woodwind soloist award Harrison- top woodwind combo soloist for intermediate , top sd 23 woodwind soloist

All my groups received gold and music Fest invites.

Harrison won:
1. Intermediate combo player
2. Intermediate woodwind soloist
3. Most outstanding intermediate/senior combo player 4. Top woodwind soloist ad 23

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