Glaciers by Alexis Smith

by Alexis M. Smith


Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Released: 17Jan2012
Pages: 174
Reminds Me Of: The film “Amelie” and The Secret Life of Dresses

This wisp of a book takes place over the course of a day in a woman named Isobel’s life. Raised in Alaska but resettled in Portland after her parents’ divorce, Isobel enjoys finding little treasures in the city: a quiet Chinese restaurant, the perfect vintage dress for an upcoming party, and bright postcards from far-away places to tack up to the walls of her bedroom. Isobel is romantic, and not just in the way she swoons over Spoke, the handsome Army guy who works at the library with her. Her romantic descriptions of her childhood and all the small things that bring her joy in her city make this a pleasurable little read.

The inside flap of the cover lists a description that I wouldn’t necessarily attribute to the book. I read it after I was finished with Glaciers and wondered if I had been reading that book the whole time. I definitely wouldn’t let that description skew your perception of the novel. It really is a sweet read.

If you like the film “Amelie,” you are likely to enjoy this book. It is an artistic, romantic little read that can easily be finished in an hour or two and will leave you pondering over it for hours afterwards.

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