If Silicon Valley Syndrome Is Killing Us | ideas + impact

“…in our effort to fully experience the promise of technology, we are overusing it and abusing our bodies and relationships in the process. “Charles Wang

This is an inflection point for our society. We depend so desperately on technology to make our lives more efficient, and in many ways, it has. Yet these gadgets also control us, luring us back again and again to stare and interact with them. And that is not without consequences for our relationships and for our bodies.

Data is trickling out that reveals some of the harmful consequences of the way we use technology. Earlier this year, researchers from two German universities found that one in three visitors to Facebook leaves feeling envy, misery, or loneliness.

My company, LUMO BodyTech, recently surveyed more than 2,000 American adults and found disturbing evidence of what we call Silicon Valley Syndrome:

20131013-095819.jpg (Morguefile)@kssreads

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