CanadaReads 2014 looks powerful… Join us.

Many staff, friends of the library and maybe our AVIDREADERS Club at KSS might be taking on these literarary giants. In any case, Canada, unlike most nations, is during the fabulous CanadaReads season. The library has multiple copies of each title and if we need more, we will acquire extra. Pick one, pick all five? The play down is March and you can follow the defence of each book on the web or on radio. Check out Jian Ghomeshi hosting at Mr. Smith, teacher-librarian, a few English faculty, some student bloggers and many other staff will be reading, following and posting feedback all winter. Ask your mother, father, brother, or a Granny to join you… It’s an event all Canada can relish with pride. Telling stories matters. 🙂 follow us on Twitter @kssreads #canadareads

Thank you CBC for providing yet again, another stellar interactive literary fun for all Canada! – Al Smith, KSS a Teacher-librarian.


“2014 Contenders.” Canada Reads. CBC, 29 Nov. 2013. Web. 16 Dec. 2013.

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