Teen reads: Goldfinch a disappointment

Goldfinch TarttI could not agree more. The bright spot for this librarian is that several of my brilliant and articulate Grade 12’s have developed the same conclusion. Agreeing with one Goodreads reviewer, a girl commented, “motherless main characters? enough already!”.

Halfway thru now. Spending lots of energy trying to be less harsh and trying to enjoy the ride Tartt is taking me on. But I am not succeeding. This book is utter ridiculousness. Not believable at ALL. and this morning my friend informed me it was named Book of the Year. I’m speechless….Of never-ending stream of consciousness ‘pompoonery’. Yes. I made that word up. It’s the merging of pompous and tom-foolery. Is Tartt serious? ( Menke, Goodreads)

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