Fathers- Read About Snow Monkeys


Interesting that under misfortune, hazard conditions or some unknown cause, male troupe leaders nurture and raise infants. Offspring are generally the responsibility of the birth mother. Discreetly studying animals in their habitat provides us with such fascinating unexplained behaviours but also wondrous curiosities.

Journey into the snow-bound mountains of central Japan and meet Hiro, a spunky young snow monkey whose charming personality sparks an unlikely friendship. It’s an intimate, immersive tale of family, friendship, and strife in the heart of the Japanese Alps
(Nat Geo Wild Japan)

Snow monkey Facts
Snow monkeys, also known as Japanese macaques, are type of monkeys which inhabit three out of four main islands of Japan. They are adapted equally well to the warm subtropical lowlands and to the cold subalpine regions. Snow monkeys are not listed as endangered species although they are not as numerous as they were in the past. Main threats for their survival are habitat loss, deforestation and killing (farmers consider them as pests, because snow monkeys often eat and destroy crops).


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