AP Human Geography 12 – a novel review by Taylor Hall

Geography 12 AP a project based learning unit: the Fiction genre as a scholarship device.
The task was a set of annotations and references to meaningful observations discovered in the novel’s text. One section was a brief review of the book. ( posted in this blog) Read Taylor’s opinion below….

“…The project is designed so student’s written reflections address the five themes of Geography (Movement, Region, Location, Interaction with the Environment and Nature of Place). Even historical inquiry demands the inclusion of “geographic eyes” to build deeper understanding. An exemplary book report should include some interpretation of geographic elements that build more understanding…” (Smith, )

An eye-opening work focusing on the darker side of contemporary Indian society, I found Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger to be an excellent read. Intricately crafted, the work does not romanticize India as a mysterious, exotic haven, but rather provides us with a candid view of the nation’s seedy underbelly of corrupt politicians and millionaires. What Adiga has provided in The White Tiger is an opportunity to hear a voice often left unheard, that of the Indian servant. Additionally, Adiga manages to raise important questions regarding wealth, religion, class, and the importance of tradition in a country searching for a new identity. As I did not know much about Indian culture and society prior to the book, I found Adiga’s explanation of Indian caste as well as politics to be a thought-provoking look into the India of the twenty-first century. Despite my enjoyment of the book, The White Tiger, like any work of fiction, is not without its flaws. To elaborate, there were parts I felt unnecessarily lengthy and some story elements that seemed somewhat out of place in the context of the novel. Overall, The White Tiger is an impressive debut by Adiga and an undoubtedly relevant work in an age of globalization. (Hall)

Hall, Taylor. “Personal Opinion- The White Tiger.” Rev. of The White Tiger, A. Adiga. Print. Review. (Submitted essay.)

Smith, A. “Fiction as Resource.” KSSreads. Kelowna Secondary School Library, 21 Nov. 2014. Web. 8 Feb. 2015. .


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