Fact or Fiction?: A “Base Tan” Can Protect against Sunburn

Take heed my lovelies. Fair skin or not, protect your youthful skin with sunscreen, clothing, and exposure time.  Skin cancer sucks. -Al Smith

Fact or Fiction?: A “Base Tan” Can Protect against Sunburn
Studies of sunshine-denied human buttocks help settle the matter
By Dina Fine Maron | May 22, 2015 | 
As the weather warms, many of us would prefer to look like we passed our winter days lounging by the pool instead of hunched before a computer screen or lab bench. But soaking up the rays to acquire a so-called “base tan” does not fool the sun or a tanning bed. Simply put, the benefits of being sun-kissed are not even skin-deep.
Scientists came to this conclusion after studying the tanned buttocks of dozens of volunteers. In study after study they have found that a base tan affords almost no protection against future ultraviolet exposure. In fact, it actually puts otherwise pale people at risk of developing skin cancers. A base tan only provides an SPF, or sun protection factor, of 3 or less, according to the U.S. surgeon general. For beachgoers, that means if a person would normally turn pink after 10 minutes in the sun, an SPF 2 base tan would theoretically buy her another 10 minutes—or 20 minutes in total—before she burns. That, says David Leffell, the chief of dermatologic surgery and cutaneous oncology at Yale University School of Medicine, is “completely meaningless” in terms of providing protection.(Maron)

Read more…. Persistent URL: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/fact-or-fiction-a-base-tan-can-protect-against-sunburn/

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Some discounted and free ebooks at BOOKBUB



BookBub, the site that offers awesome daily deals on ebooks and one of your favorite book recommendation services, now lets you add and follow your favorite authors. If any of their books go up for sale at BookBub, you’ll get a notification so you can snag a deal.


New: movie Selma – history drama truth? King was just a man after all


More than ever, people need stronger content filtering tools to find some meaningful and credible understanding. We don’t mean ‘filtering’ as in software blocking or firewalls but rather information ‘filtering’ inside one’s brain. It takes skills and practice- ‘ Crap detention’ if you like. Some information published or broadcast, especially Hollywood movies, is created with entertainment or shock value not integrity. Finding credible content demands critical assessing and curating multiple sources through inquiry. We love historical fiction and biofliks but gather up some non-fiction facts beforehand makes the experience even more enjoyable. Hollywood and even many ‘news’ sources are often just historical fiction on screen. Belief in aliens, axis of evil, Illuminati, or apricots cure cancer but Martin Luther King Jr. was just a man after all. 🙂 enjoy the show. – Al Smith, teacher-librarian.

“Black activism, the White House, David Oyelowo and Oprah Winfrey.
All four are shared components of the movie Selma and last year’s Lee Daniels-helmed historical weeper The Butler…”(King)

“…. DuVernay has done a great service with Selma. Not only has she made one of the most powerful films of the year, she’s given us a necessary reminder of what King did for this country… and how much is left to be done…”( King)

Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly Selma is an important history lesson that never feels like a lecture. Once school is back in session, every junior high school class in America should take a field trip to see this movie.
Be grateful Selma director Ava DuVernay never lets her movie descend to the history-as-soap-opera histrionics of Daniels’ film.
Selma focuses intensely on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mission to mount a 1965 protest march smack in the middle of America’s racist heart of darkness: Alabama.
This scrutiny allows an intimate portrait of King as a flesh-and-blood human being and not a postcard saint….
( Winnipeg Free Press)

READ MORE ABOUT DR.KING AND 60s civil rights on display in the library now. Also read biography on our library’s Facts on File here>

King, Randall. “Powerful Portrait Focuses on King’s Non-violent Goals in 1965 Alabama March.” Online. Winnipeg Free Press, 9 Jan. 2015. Web. 9 Jan. 2015. . Movie: Selma

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AVIDreaders Club- long list vote

It’s that season again. The KSS AVIDReaders book club. It’s not too late to join.
The club is a volunteer, recreational reading group that runs until June. We meet for group luncheon monthly. You only need to read one title per month and your degree of discourse, reviews, speaking, is up to each student. The more group sharing or even debating makes the experience fun. You can contribute anytime through this blog with the tag- #avidreaders , Tweet #avidreaders , or FB/Ksslibrary

Download/Read/vote …


Attached to your members’ email is a PDF file of a power point that I created that gives you the cover, the author information, tone, subjects, etc. I have not included reviews or detailed story lines. It is up to you to vote for your top 10. You can only vote once for each book.

You need to send your 10 choices back to me in 48 hours–….I need your name and your choices. Try to vote for one in each category-but do not vote for all dystopic novels. Try to pick one non fiction (could be a memoir or biography or something that is based on the truth). Ultimately, we want varied themes and levels of reading.

Look at summaries, reviews, Novelist–anything that gives you enough background information (if you have not already read the book) to help you make those difficult decisions. It is not too late to suggest another title for the next round of reading. – Ms Bede, Teacher-Librarian

Fathers- Read About Snow Monkeys


Interesting that under misfortune, hazard conditions or some unknown cause, male troupe leaders nurture and raise infants. Offspring are generally the responsibility of the birth mother. Discreetly studying animals in their habitat provides us with such fascinating unexplained behaviours but also wondrous curiosities.

Journey into the snow-bound mountains of central Japan and meet Hiro, a spunky young snow monkey whose charming personality sparks an unlikely friendship. It’s an intimate, immersive tale of family, friendship, and strife in the heart of the Japanese Alps
(Nat Geo Wild Japan)

Snow monkey Facts
Snow monkeys, also known as Japanese macaques, are type of monkeys which inhabit three out of four main islands of Japan. They are adapted equally well to the warm subtropical lowlands and to the cold subalpine regions. Snow monkeys are not listed as endangered species although they are not as numerous as they were in the past. Main threats for their survival are habitat loss, deforestation and killing (farmers consider them as pests, because snow monkeys often eat and destroy crops).


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“Video Snow Monkeys.” Snow Monkeys Wild Japan. National Geographic Society. Web. 04 Jan. 2015. .

Christmas in the Library

Planning our 13th Annual winter Staff Reception. A social event hosted by the Library to give admin, faculty and staff a chance to browse new resources, reading selections and select some vacation reading; in a social setting.
Alice Munro Commons

Alice Munro Commons

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National Writing medalist- ‘Changes’


arts_storiesSarina’s short story, ‘Changes‘, submitted in the

This short story was partially inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics and his novel, American Gods. Overall, it turned out much better than I expected it to. Sen’klip is the Okanagan word for Coyote, and Xuuya is Haida for Raven. Thanks to Leslie Fabriz for help with language and editing.(Bouvier) http://goo.gl/v0rOJ8


“…“No, that’s not true at all. There are all kinds of interesting things in this world, and different things aren’t any less valuable than familiar things. ‘Respect’ doesn’t mean anything if there’s nothing there to make it something.” (Bouvier)



Bouvier, Sarina. “Changes.” Aboriginal Arts & Stories –. N.p., May-June 2014. Web. 28 May 2014. < http://www.our-story.ca/winners/writing/4843:changes#story >

New: from Ebsco’s Novelist database- Audiobook reviews and features.


CapturaudioeNew: from Ebsco’s Novelist database- Audiobook reviews and features.

Sidney Chambers and the shadow of death (Aug 2012)
Author:Runcie, James, 1959-
Narrator: Wickham, Peter
Duration:10 hrs. (Unabridged)
Series:Grantchester mysteries, 1
Description:Introduces unconventional clergyman Sidney Chambers, who teams up with roguish Inspector Harry Keating to investigate a suspicious suicide, a jewelry theft, the unexplained demise of a jazz promoter, and a shocking art forgery.
Format:Spoken Word Compact Disc
Spoken Word MP3-CD
Book Appeal Terms:Definition of Appeal Terms
Genre:Cozy mystery stories; Gentle reads; Mystery stories
Pace:Leisurely paced
Writing Style:Engaging
Other Editions:Book
Audiobook EditionsPersistent link to this record (Permalink):


“Catcher in the Rye-reviews.” Goodreads. Goodreads, n.d. Web. 6 May 2014.

” I transported them.. to the Butcher” -Life magazine

EichmannLIFE” I transported them.. to the Butcher” -Life magazine by Adolf Eichmann.  A GoogleBook resource from the LIFE archives, Nov.28, 1960. Mr. Stacey’s Holocaust 12 curricula covers many genocide cases around the globe but it also embraces student inquiry attempts to find various documents including primary sources.  ( Some online library sources are shared at https://www.diigo.com/list/literateowl/Holocaust12 )  A common question arises. ‘Why would anyone do such horrific things?’ Well here is a first person narrative written from a convicted Nazi-Adolf Eichmann. nb. The article was edited( to what extent we do not know) by LIFE staffers.






read…on Google Books http://goo.gl/oOIsI3

Oxford English Dictionary, now on Tumblr, is 90 yrs old

Creating a dictionary….

Wow. Fun. 90 years old… The Oxford University Press rolled out the dictionary, pressing paper against plates of ink. 🙂

Btw. KSS LIBRARY has the online version of the OED available to you anytime. It’s an terrific place to start any project and build background, keywords, find definitions, timelines,….. KSS LIBRARY>FIND>REFERENCE tab… http://www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/ProgramsServices/Library/find/Reference/Pages/default.aspx Login with our password:


Printing the Oxford English Dictionary, in 1925.

Stereotyping was invented in the 18th century to avoid the repeated setting of pages in type for reprints of a text. This process lay behind much mass printing in the 19th and 20th centuries, including The Oxford English Dictionary as shown in this clip.

These clips are from a silent film made in 1925 by the Federation of British Industry, illustrating industrial life and including the work of Oxford University Press. See more video clips on our Tumblr OUP Archive stream to learn about the History of Oxford University Press. OUP’s Archive Department collects, catalogues, and preserves all material of long-term importance associated with the Press’s commercial and social activities in Britain, from the 17th century to the present day.http://24.media.tumblr.com/02272ffe28c2b454ff0aa905f2fbb1dc/tumblr_mtl61x3p8S1rl35vno1_500.gif


“My father said, you should go to art school” -Imogen Cunningham

Interview: with

“I was brought up on art. You see, my father thought I had a great hand at art and he sent me to art school on Saturdays. That was because of my report card in the general public schools. I had one teacher who was so keen about art. For instance, she put me in the back row — the very last seat — so that I could draw all the people in the room, if I wanted to, and when I had my lessons done. And those things influenced my father who said, “You should go to art school.” So, on Saturday mornings I went to art school. I was always connected with it in some way or other. But he did not want me to become a photographer. Not on account of the money, which he knew nothing about. But he said, “Why should you go to school so long and just turn out a photographer?”(Karlstrom)

Paul J. Karlstrom and Louise Katzman. At the Artist’s home in San Francisco, California, June 9, 1975





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