Annual KSS dance show, entitled “Flow” – collaboration with GESS

Hello Friends!
Please accept our cordial invitation to the annual KSS dance show, entitled “Flow”. We are collaborating with George Elliot; performing at the Creekside Theatre, Thursday May 21st.  16 numbers, a variety of dance styles!!
Tickets are only $5 for students/seniors, and $7 for adults. Seating is limited

AP Human Geography 12 – a novel review by Taylor Hall

Geography 12 AP a project based learning unit: the Fiction genre as a scholarship device.
The task was a set of annotations and references to meaningful observations discovered in the novel’s text. One section was a brief review of the book. ( posted in this blog) Read Taylor’s opinion below….

“…The project is designed so student’s written reflections address the five themes of Geography (Movement, Region, Location, Interaction with the Environment and Nature of Place). Even historical inquiry demands the inclusion of “geographic eyes” to build deeper understanding. An exemplary book report should include some interpretation of geographic elements that build more understanding…” (Smith, )

An eye-opening work focusing on the darker side of contemporary Indian society, I found Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger to be an excellent read. Intricately crafted, the work does not romanticize India as a mysterious, exotic haven, but rather provides us with a candid view of the nation’s seedy underbelly of corrupt politicians and millionaires. What Adiga has provided in The White Tiger is an opportunity to hear a voice often left unheard, that of the Indian servant. Additionally, Adiga manages to raise important questions regarding wealth, religion, class, and the importance of tradition in a country searching for a new identity. As I did not know much about Indian culture and society prior to the book, I found Adiga’s explanation of Indian caste as well as politics to be a thought-provoking look into the India of the twenty-first century. Despite my enjoyment of the book, The White Tiger, like any work of fiction, is not without its flaws. To elaborate, there were parts I felt unnecessarily lengthy and some story elements that seemed somewhat out of place in the context of the novel. Overall, The White Tiger is an impressive debut by Adiga and an undoubtedly relevant work in an age of globalization. (Hall)

Hall, Taylor. “Personal Opinion- The White Tiger.” Rev. of The White Tiger, A. Adiga. Print. Review. (Submitted essay.)

Smith, A. “Fiction as Resource.” KSSreads. Kelowna Secondary School Library, 21 Nov. 2014. Web. 8 Feb. 2015. .


National Writing medalist- ‘Changes’

arts_storiesSarina’s short story, ‘Changes‘, submitted in the

This short story was partially inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics and his novel, American Gods. Overall, it turned out much better than I expected it to. Sen’klip is the Okanagan word for Coyote, and Xuuya is Haida for Raven. Thanks to Leslie Fabriz for help with language and editing.(Bouvier)


“…“No, that’s not true at all. There are all kinds of interesting things in this world, and different things aren’t any less valuable than familiar things. ‘Respect’ doesn’t mean anything if there’s nothing there to make it something.” (Bouvier)



Bouvier, Sarina. “Changes.” Aboriginal Arts & Stories –. N.p., May-June 2014. Web. 28 May 2014. < >

Amnesty- Write Rights… Teenage girl awakens spark of justice

Dec 10 is International Human Rights Day!
We should all be aware and more proactive about helping others, acting as agents fighting injustice home and abroad. But we don’t. We sleep.

20131204-231538.jpgWe get busy. We get complacent and egocentric. We get myopic about our world view and too often tune out or deselect any action because of guilt, laziness or media fatigue… Etc. students at KSS reawakened me! Woke me up from my sleep about Amnesty International’s programs and I’m a media focused adult. It took one of our intelligent, concerned activist youth to focus my lens again. It took a girl to wake me up.

It doesn’t need to be Ghandi. It can be you and me. Write for Rights is just on example. The simple act of physical letter writing- an action, however quaint in our smart phone age, can collectively represent a step toward justice. A handwritten note could touch another soul locked behind bars, isolated unfairly from his Christmas traditions. The ‘power of the pen’ , the quill, once produced a US Constitution, Magna Carta, or the abolition of slavery in the USA. Sadly, even with these democratic signposts, black market human trafficking and unlawful confinement of citizens by nation states, who should act better than trade thugs, continue to flourish. In our blessed free part of the world, we can forget that justice needs to be defended. My uncle gave his life fighting against political bullies in Italy during WWII. He died halfway around the world in a foreign country for the liberty of strangers! Surely I can write a letter for a few guys behind bars? We can all light a flame of hope with that simple gesture. It’s just takes us to be more mindful and less entitled.

Next time one hears stories of those ‘no good lazy, spoiled teenagers’ please be reminded- not in my neck of the woods! In my neighbourhood many many teens are incredibly sensitive, educated, and doing something to better the planet. It’s my generation who messed it up! So student activism is alive and well, even if in a renewal phase. So fellas, brothers in arms, young and old, join our sister, who woke me up and take action. Man up! And write a letter. Please.:-) peace. -Al Smith, Teacher-librarian

Amnesty International invites you to join us on International Human Rights Day for the world’s largest letter-writing event
Every year on December 10th, activists in more than 80 countries gather on their own or in large and small events to press governments to respond to a human rights concern on selected high-priority cases. We also write letters of hope and solidarity directly to prisoners or people experiencing human rights violations.(




Pledge to write>>>

Read- the KSS CensorTHIS launched online

Our own Journalism and Media students are launching CensorTHIS online Friday. Plenty of great reading and good video too. Check it out now.

Fellow KSS Students, As technology plays a monumental role in our social, academic and everyday lives the Censor This! journalism program is taking the jump to an online format. The online platform will allow KSS students the opportunity to inform themselves on everyday happenings, instead of the paper based format in which students were only receiving information on a monthly basis. (Renee Berger & Callum Barbour) – See more at:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 6.31.51 PM

Drive thru Ecudador- ME2WE FRI

Me to We Club will be holding a drive-thru breakfast tomorrow morning at the Rona parking lot from 6:30 – 9 am, with coffee, juice, yogurt, scones, and bagels. The paper bag breakfasts will be by donation, and this will be the final fundraiser push toward the clubs’ “school in Ecuador” project.

WE ARE SILENT events all week

This week, many of our Me to We students will be raising awareness to the number of people in the world who do not have the ability to speak for themselves and raise themselves out the impoverished and dangerous conditions in which they live.

Our students have arranged for events to be held in the MPR at lunch this week, and they will be collecting change to “silence” some of our school’s loudest students, who have agreed to participate with us. The money that they raise will be put toward finalizing our two-year goal of building a school in Ecuador. We are very close, and after our Drive-Thru Breakfast coming up, we should be finished!

‘We are silent ‘ Friday…


Sweet sounds of brass at Jazz fest

Congratulations to Sheila French and Neil Wong and KSS OWLS MUSIC DEPART. and our outstanding Jazz students on their exceptional performances at the Jazz festival last week!

FIRST: Monday- chamber choirs went to the Kiwanis music festival.
Chamber 1st in their category and are being sent to the Provincials Chamber men- 1st in their category Chamber ladies-2 nd in their category Kelowna secondary also received an award for their choral program for having the highest marks:) I asked the adjudicator if he’d come and work with my choir and he said-” you don’t need me” and asked me” are your choirs always this good Sheila?” Don’t tell the staff I’m just telling you:)

JAZZ FESTIVAL: Sheila’s groups
Ladies chamber first place in the combination choir category.
Chamber choir won th runner plaque(2nd) in combination choir Men’s chamber received fourth.
All received gold and music festival Canada recommendations

Vocal jazz combo # 2- Boobi Jo , Rebecca R, Aidan, Harrison Vocal combo #1- Genevieve , Michelle S, Kria W, Rico O, Brendan – Rico’s single voice combo- Genevieve single voice combo Bobbi-jos single voice combo Aidan rices single voice combo-

All vocal combos received gold and music Fest Canada invites

Jazz band 10(French) gold! Music Fest invite Jazz band 11- FIRST:) in the intermediate jazz band combo. I was to.d they were amazing. Gold. Music Fest Canada invite Jazz band 12- second in senior jazz band category.- gold and music Fest invite__

Vocal jazz- second. Gold. Music Fest Canada.( were told they are the best vocal jazz high school group our adjudicator has ever heard. )

Wong’s jazz 11 combo first place- gold. Music Fest Canada invite

Awards as well:
Rico- top male vocalist- 35% tuition to Berkeley school of music summer school Kria wall(cross-enrolled MBSS student) top female vocalist Bobbi-Jo intermediate combo vocalist award
Rico- top senior combo vocalist award
Lucas- top intermediate brass award Eden de bruin- junior 3 woodwind soloist award Harrison- top woodwind combo soloist for intermediate , top sd 23 woodwind soloist

All my groups received gold and music Fest invites.

Harrison won:
1. Intermediate combo player
2. Intermediate woodwind soloist
3. Most outstanding intermediate/senior combo player 4. Top woodwind soloist ad 23

Lemon’s slam poets – sweet not sour

I recently had the chance  to observe my colleague Ms. Lemon actively guiding her seniors through the completion of a slam poetry unit. I’m posting sample below for your pleasure. Watch for more soon. Thanks Shanti and Brienne .



Brienne- slam poetry

Brienne- slam poetry


Learning how to ask by learning where to look. Between creases of the puzzle pieces that are what we think we are and who we can’t help being while believing what we want to be true but only you can answer life’s unanswered question.

Slipping, gripping, tripping on our own lies blinded by our own eyes and yet the world still tries to answer life’s unanswered question.

Emotions churning, yearning, burning ocean of possibility perpetually in purgatory pretending to be perfect and yet the perfect person cannot answer life’s unanswered question.

Molding our faces to fit into the spaces between society’s parentheses but is that really where we should want our faces to be? Caught between two unforgiving lines like a bird denied flight denied light denied everything right?

We trust lust, but let’s break away from the restraints and leave behind burdened hearts to float away. Let’s stroke the velvet of the sky and carve our dreams into the surface of the stars forgetting the scars of regretting and letting that unanswerable question fade into the depths of our inner oceans, for why carry it on our shoulders?

Whether we’re hideous or witty or effortlessly pretty we all have the same final destination. But what gets me is that sensation of being stuck in a box, being crushed by society’s desires and wants, pushed to its bottom by the weight of a generation terrified of imperfections, and yet the perfect person cannot answer life’s unanswered question.

The question’s been asked a thousand times in different ways at different times and whether it is truth or lies the answer never answers why

By Brienne



Shanti - slam poetry

Shanti – slam poetry



A word that we hear all the time

But we brush it off as if it were easy to define


The last thing you do before your life is taken away

Now you put it into perspective

And it becomes a word too heavy to weigh


The cold tingly sensation

The numb frozen emotion

A tender heart gone bitter

By all this man made commotion

This term
This word, these letters on a page

This print, this font

What a big difference it’s made


How can a five letter word leave you breathless?

How can a five letter word bring you to tears so fast there’s no time for second guesses

A meaning

A bigger picture so vast we can barely believe it

A sentimental value that so precious it can leave you empty

Leaving you broken, an empty cookie jar

Able to caress your darkest feelings, a bitter chocolate bar


Corrupted minds, egos, bodies and souls

Guiltless acts, evil dilemmas

Psychotic illusions and heartless molds

How can someone be left with no compassion

No dignity, no respect

No guilt, no regret

How can a person do that though?

Have we really stooped that low?

That the drop of blood of one brings us peace

That the drop of blood of another brings us pleasure.


Hope from the ones who seek for more

Faith from the ones who feel remorse

Light from the ones who give a damn

The need to overpower and be in command

To guide

To guide the lost souls back to what’s right

To fix the delusions created by man

Because death is a word we hear too often

A word we have forgotten to fear

A word beginning to soften

by Shanti